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Complete List of MA Dissertations

Below you will find the complete list of dissertations from research in Development Studies since 1997 available to view in the library. Please contact the librarian anne.kinsella@kimmagedsc.ie for further information.

As part of their studies, participants of the MA in Development Studies programme submit a 20,000 word dissertation on a development-related topic.  We have chosen a selection of abstracts of dissertations which you can browse using the index or by using the search function by clicking here. If you would like to see a full dissertation you can view it in the Kimmage DSC library.


Author Title
Noonan, Oliver Pokot and Turkana Conflict: A Case Study of the Siege at Loregon [in Northern Kenya]


Author Title
de Jong, Claire Identity and its Impact on Integration: Sri Lankan Immigrants in Ireland
Fernando, Mary Remoshini Livelihood of Women in Post-war Sri Lanka: A Focus on the Challenges Faced by Women who are the Heads of Households in Kombavil, Mullaithievu District
Haimlinger, Julia Irish Activism for Global Trade Justice: motivations, understandings and actions for change


Hegarty, Neal The Contribution of Permaculture to Endogenous Development of indigenous communities in Guatemala – an examination of potential benefits and obstacles
Hoang, Trang Thu Accountability in Aid Relationships between Bilateral Aid Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs): The case study of aid relationships between Irish Aid in Vietnam and Vietnamese NGOs
Jangmaw Naw, San The Role of Participatory Action Research in Developing Critical Consciousness among Community Development Workers in Myanmar: A Case Study of Huhpyek and Galeng villages in North Shan, Myanmar
Jeyacheya, Farai Calvin Gender Equality in State Institutions: A case study of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA)
Kwairanga, Maurice Michael Large-Scale Land Acquisitions And Its Consequences For Rural Livelihoods: A Case Study Of The Host Community Of Dangote Savanna Sugar Company Numan, Adamawa State, North-East Nigeria
Khan, Saeed Akhtar Climate Change Adaptation and Implications of National Policies for Farmers’ Livelihoods – a Focus on Dadu District of Pakistan
Lee, Jiweon NGO Livelihood Programming for Older People in Myanmar – A Case Study of HelpAge International Myanmar
Manning, Niamh The Value of Early Exposure to Charity: The effects of Chernobyl children respite holidays on 2nd generation host family participants’ understanding of and involvement in development
Mhango, Kumbukani Cornelius Perceptions of the Role of Lead Farmer Approach in Promoting Smallholder Farmers Food Security in Malawi (Case Study of Chikwawa District)
Miti, Mildred L. Perceptions of Participatory Development by Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in Peri-Urban areas. A case of the Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) methodology in Kanyama Peri-Urban area in Lusaka, Zambia
Mwansa, Evelyn Mwelwa Teachers’ Experiences And Perspectives On The Challenges Of Teaching Literacy In Rural Areas In Zambia: A Case Study Of Nakonde District
Shaba, Mwawi R.B. The Role of Traditional Courts in Addressing Violence against Women in Malawi. Perceptions of Female Service Providers and Rural Adult Women in North-West Constituency of Karonga District
Ng’ang’a, Stephen Samuel Towards Integration and Active Citizenship: Exploring the Participation of Former Direct Provision Residents in Activism and Advocacy in Ireland
Owhotemu, Juliet (Sr. Immaculata) Intra-Congregational North-South Partnership within the Dynamics of a Catholic Faith-Based Organisation: A Focus on Managing Development work in Nigeria
O’Sullivan, Helen Frances Women Empowering Women: Promotion of women’s empowerment through income generating activities – A case study of Faith Based Organisation Muuo Women’s Project, Machakos, Kenya
Oldfield, Alison The Perspectives of Young People on the Effect of their Involvement with Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) on their Self Development: A Selection of Experiences and Attitudes of Young People (aged 15-24) in Ireland in 2014
Poine, Mi Sar Yar Perceptions Regarding the Participation and Representation of Young Women in Political Parties in Mon State, Myanmar: A Focus on Mon Women
Walsh, Deirdre Intercultural Arts’ Practice as a Transformative Learning Experience: An Exploration of the Experiences of Women who participated in Women-Only Intercultural Arts’ Projects in Ireland from 2011 to 2014


Author Title
Byrne, Elizabeth Education Provision in Addressing the Marginalisation of the Pastoralist Communities in Turkana Kenya: A Case study of TEFA (Turkana Education for All) Mobile Schools in district of Turkana Central
Carroll-Shirley, Rebecca Exploring the Effects of Short-Term International Volunteering on Volunteers’ Self-Concept
Cleary, Lindsay Changing the Conversation: Attitudes to Masculinity and Mental Health within the GAA
Cunningham, Kieran Building resilience through savings led micro-finance, the perceptions of micro-savers in Zimbabwe: a case study of Mahusekwa, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
Dang, Paul Lahpai Awng The Role of Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) in the process of Democratisation in Myanmar (2010 – 2014): A Case Study of Karuna Myanmar Social Services (KMSS)
Jenkinson, Stephen Teaching A Child To Fish: Exploring Life Skills Education in Institutional Care in Nepal
Kidane, Meron Effect of Organisational Capacity on the Implementation of Projects among NGOs: Case Study of a Local NGO in Ethiopia
Libena, Methodia Bwahama Perceptions of Organisations and Teachers regarding Professional Development Training Needs and Improvement for Primary School Teachers in Tanzania
Malata, Michael The Socio-Economic Impact of Coffee Irrigation Plantations on the Host Community: A Case Study of Kasama Coffee Irrigation Plantation in Zambia
Maonde, Quincy The role of social cash transfers in improving the nutritional status of children in recipient households in Zambia: a case study of the Monze Social Cash Transfer Scheme
Ngozi Okoli, Lovina Aid Effectiveness and Funding Relationships among International Development Organisation in Ireland: Experiences of Misean Cara and Its Partners
Nkosi, Mathews Devlyn The Effects of Membership in Smallholder Farmer Organisations on Livelihoods (Household Income and Food Security) in Malawi: A Case Study of Lifidzi Producers and Marketing Cooperative Society in Salima District
Nzabara-Ntuma, Jerome Paluku Coltan: a development opportunity or a curse? Perceptions of the impacts of mineral mining on people’s livelihoods in Masisi Territory, Nord-Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
Ochwo, Michael The Effects of Agro-forestry on the Livelihood Assets of Smallholder Farmers: a case of Kadibor division Kisumu County
Quilliam, William F. A Study of Inter-country Adoption in Ireland: Case Study experiences of adoptions from Vietnam


Author Title
Birch-Aben, Erica The Role of Political Parties in Young People’s Civil and Political Participation in Ireland: A Focus on Young Immigrants (18 – 24)
Bruen, Mari Clare Immersion in Development Studies as a Source of Transformative Learning: A Narrative Analysis of the Transformative Learning Experiences of the Students of Kimmage Development Studies Centre
Clarke, Margaret The role of Emancipatory Education in a Refugee Camp setting: A case study of the students of the GBS programme
Conlon, Gareth Multinational Supermarkets versus Local Independent Businesses on a local economy: A case study of Dundalk
Franshi, Kennedy Investigating the Quality of Teaching in Primary Schools in Zambia and How it Affects Literacy Rates Among Learners: A Case Study of Three Primary Schools in Kasama District, Northern Province
Kalisa, Patrick Exploring the Attitudes to Environment Protection within Irish Agriculture Sector: Focus on Livestock Waste Management
Menkir, Memheru Mekonnen The Role of Iddir in Conflict Resolution and Peace building at Rural Community Level in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Aleku Abbo Iddirs in Dembi Dollo Area of Oromia Region
Mulcahy, Amy Counting What Doesn’t Count? A Study of the Overhead Myth’s Prevalence in the Irish Non-profit Sector
Mwanachiwena, Pamela Political Empowerment of Women in Zambia: A focus on the Challenges to Women’s Participation in Local Government Decision-making Bodies – A case study of Siavonga District.
Nabaggalla, Josephine Urban Poverty Reduction in Uganda: Government-Run Market Infrastructure and Vendor Expectations in Kampala Capital City Authority
Naderi, Abdul Aziz Exploring the Role of Community Leadership in Empowerment: A case study of Qala-e-Ahmad Khan in Bagrami District of Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Naing, Saw Min Lessons Learnt of Local Humanitarian Organisations in Myanmar: A Focus on their Capacity to Respond to Emergency Situations
Nyathi, Mluleki Effects of food aid on household food security in Locard Village One, Insiza District; Matabeleland South Province, Zimbabwe
Obada, Anna Omolere Challenges to the Participation of Young Adults in Vocational Training in Ondo State, Nigeria: A Case Study of Akure
Siakor, Silas Changes in Land Tenure in Rural Liberia since the War and its Effects on Access to Land A case study of people’s perception in Lower Bokomu Clan, Gbarpolu County
Woldeyesus, Abera Haiilemariam The Effect of Government Relocation Policies on the Livelihoods Strategies of Poor Households: The Case of Basha Wolde Chilot


Ajagu, ChristianaFood Security and Farming Household Livelihoods: Successes and Challenges in Meeting Households' Food Security Needs in Igalamela/Odolu Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria
Aung, Van LizarUrbanisation and the Housing Needs of Slum Dwellers: Housing Needs in Ale Ywa Ward, Hlaing Taryar Township, Myanmar
Bationo, RomaricSmall in Size but Big in Imapact: The Role of UMPL-B Mini-dairies in Expanding Livelihoods in Burkina Faso
Fahey, MartinaA Study of Irish Consumers' Perceptions of Fair Trade
Franklyn, SarahThe Potential for Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration as a Strategy for Development and Community Resilience – A Study of Women Farmers on Rusinga Island, Nyanza Province, Lake Victoria, Kenya
Kelly, JonathanPlaying by the Rules, but Who Wins? A Perceptions Piece Analysing Transnational Corporations International Taxation Behaviour and its Impact on Society
Kirwan, Michael JamesPerceptions of the Role of NGOs in Promoting Development Education in Secondary Schools in Ireland
Kusi, Theresa AnimaA Comparative Study of the Roles of Faith Based Organisation Private Schools and Public Schools in Providing Access to Education for the Poor in Hwidiem, Brong Ahafo, Ghana
McQuaid, MichelleHealth in Education for Development: A Study of the Role of Complementary and Alternative Medicines in the Treatment of ASD and ADHD in a Special Educatino School in Northern Ireland
Muhumuza, Mbaguta AlexChallenges to the Sustainability of Community Based Water Schemes: A Case Study of Two Gravity Flow Water Schemes in Rwamucucu Sub-County Kabale District – Uganda
Ni Bhriain, LaoiseAn Experiential Analysis of the Post-Trafficking Policies Applicable to Women in West Bengal, India
Rankin, AdeleA Study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices within the International Aid Community: Examining the Use of Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods in Delivery Programmes for the Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children
Wilson, JenniferExperiences of Self-Definition within the LGBTQ activism in Banglalore, India: The Case of Sangama, its sub and splinter groups


Barrett, AnnigFair Trade for Whom? The Impact of Fair Trade Certification on Certified Craft Organisations in Swaziland
Belete, SolomonNGO Accountability: The Case of 'Charities' in Ethiopia
Byrne, MichaelIrish Extractive Companies Operating in Africa: Attitudes to Anti-Corruption Transparency Regulations
Carroll, KevinThe Relationship between the Policies and Practices of Advocacy Organisations towards Client Groups and their Impaact on Issues of Representation, Accountability and Legitimacy: A Qualitative Study of Irish Mental Health Advocacy Organisations
Edet, FrancaChildren's Rights Policy and the Protection of Children in Nigeria: A Case Study of Children who are being accused of witchcraft in the Eket District of Akwa Ibom State
El Sabbagh, ShereenExploring Impowerment through Adult Education approaches with Selected Palestinian Refugees: A Case Study of Jerash/Gaza Camp in Jordan
Glynn, DearbhlaAn Assessment of Health in Gaza, Palestine with a focus on Children's Health and the Use of Depleted Uranium
Gobena, SolomonSecondary School Enrolment Dropout Rates for Girls and its Effects on Women's Contribution to Household Income: A Case Study of Kellem Secondary and Preparatory School, and Microfinance Women Groups of Catholic Church Inegrated Food Security Project in Dembidollo and Sayo Woreda, Kellem Wollenga Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia
Hickey, DonalThe Charity Shop: Intersection of Sustainability and Social Capital? A Case Study of Vincent's Bglanchardstown
Jalajal, RazanClimate Change and Vulnerability in Palestine: Does Gender Matter in the Palestinian National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (NCCAS)?
Marshall, SarahGender Mainstreaming: Rhetoric or Reality? A Case of VSO Tanzania
O'Grady, SiobhánEthical Consumerism and Social Labelling in Relation to the Garment Industry: Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour of the Irish Consumer
Myint, TheinThe Effects of Rehabilitation Projects on Livelihood Strategies of Female-headed Households in Post-Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar: A Focus on Agriculture Sector in Kyun Thar Yar Village Tract of Bogale Township in Ayeyarwady Delta
Nwosu, ChinyereHousehold Basic Sanitation and Child Health: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Rural Communities of Orumba North, Anambra State of Nigeria in relation to Basic Sanitation
Ogor, AngelaThe Impact of Population Growth and Rural-Urban Migration on Traditional Smallholder Agriculture: A Case Study in Awka of Anambra State, Nigeria
Reidy, OdetteThe Role of the Irish State in Dealing with Human Trafficking: What are the Constraints on Current Practices of the Main State Organistaions in Tackling Human Trafficking and Protecting its Victims in Ireland?
Setiabudi, WidyaThe Role of Corporate Private Sector in Disaster Response: A Case Study of Post java Earthquake in 2006 in Yogyakarta
Tembo, RoydThe Government Financed Agricultural Food Security Programmes in Zambia and their Relation to Food Security on the Small-Scale Farming Households in Vyamba Village in Mpulungu District
Wai, SanParticipatory Planning and Decision Making Processes of Community Development: A Case Study of Metta's Community Development Programme in Southern Shan State, Myanmar
Zubahyea, Joe JoeCommunity Representation Strategies of NGOs and their Implications for People's Participation in Community Development in Post-Conflict Liberian Towns – A Case Study


Badgerow, Sarah E.A Cultural Perspective to Poverty Reduction: The Learning Process at Maji Mazuri, Kenya
Bergin, HughWhen the personal is political: An appreciative inquiry into the relevance of Carl Rogers' theories to development relationships in Irish NGO practice
Brennan, PoilínWhere are we on the Rights Road? The Perceptions of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities of their Human Rights and the Degree to which these Human Rights are Fulfilled in their Lives
Dadié, Synzi Serge – SilvereBiofuels and Food Security in Cote d'Ivoire: The Impact of Jatropha Production on Food Production. An Investigation of the Case of the Jatropha Farmers of Tiassale, South of Cote d'Ivoire
Fukshiwe, Kassam BasilThe Causes of Violent Inter-Religious Conflict and its Effects on Residential Relationships in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
Gallagher, MargueriteThrough a Different Lens: The Potential Impact of Development Education on a Short-Term Volunteer
Hannon, EoinTeacher Attitudes in Education Disadvantage
Herkeligan, VickyMaternal Health Literacy with Reference to Children's Physical Health in Lebanon: A Qualitative Study of Armenian Mothers in Bourj Hammoud Area
Kampire, PamilaThe Gendered Effects of Pastoralist-Cultivator Conflicts on Family Livelihoods: A Case Study of Bullisa District, Uganda
Kanyamala, Maimuna AhmadExploring Sukuma Traditions that Protected Women against Intimate Partner Violence – A Case Study of Buswelu Village in Mwanza Region, Tanzania
Leddy, AnthonySamba Music as a Tool for Community Development: A Case Study of Drogheda Samba Band
Liston, ZoeMigration and Muslim Cultural Identity: Living as Outsiders, Inside Europe – A Case Study of Muslim Migrants Living in Dublin
Mamza, Stephen DamiCommunity Management of Potable Water Projects – Challenges for Sustainability: A Case Study of hand-dug wells in Shuwa and Potiskum Districts in North East Nigeria
Mellett, JaneFor Whose Benefit? Host Community Perceptions of the Role of Short-term International Volunteers in Development: A Case Study of BREADS (Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society), Karnataka, India
Mogun, RoseThe Role of Care and Treatment as Social Supports for People Living with HIV in Benin City, Nigeria
Mosanda, Adrien GesseThe Impact of Women's Associations on Family Livelihood in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: A Case Study of ADIF/BUMBU
O'Leary, AmyNGO Accountability – Policies and Practices in Ireland: A Focus on Trust – Case Study of Concern Worldwide
Powell, RuthA Soviet Hangover? Attitudes and Responses to Alcohol and the Harmful Use of Alcohol in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Toolit, Ambrose DbinsClimate Change and Pastoralism: Vulnerability and Adaptation among the Karamojong Pastoralists of Uganda
Wallace, FrancesMobile Phone Technology: a Transformative Technology for Business or Pleasure? A Study of Urban Micro-Entrepreneurs in Kumasi, Ghana
Woodcock, GrahamThe Long-Term Effects of Immersion Experiences on Development Activism in Ireland: A Case Study of the Belvedere College Calcutta Exchange Programme
Yilma, Gobezayehu GetachewSustainability Challenges of Comunity Managed Rural Water Supply Schemes in the Central Rift Valley – A Case Study of Dugda Woreda, East Shoa Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia


Ashenafi, Serkalem AwalachewImpact of Anti-Retroviral Therapy on the household income: A Case Study of People Living with HIV in Yeka Sub-city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Abu, JoeGender Inequalities in Formal Education: Access and Enrolment of Girls in Secondary Education: A Case Study of Makeni Town, Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone
Behan, Catherine‘Do Some Things Never Change?’ An Analysis of Colonial Discourses of Trusteeship in International Short Term Volunteering
Early, Eva LouiseVolunteering in the Recession: The Impact of Volunteering on the Wellbeing of the Unemployed Volunteer
Ekodeu, RichardChallenges of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects: A Case Study of HIV/AIDS Projects in Lira District, Uganda
Eshetu, Dinksew TayeState-NGOs Partnership in Regional Development: A Case of NGOs Working on Food Security in SNNPR, Ethiopia
Kyaw Zin OoThe Role of Capacity Building Training in Community Development Work in Myanmar
Lynch, Margaret‘The Search for a Farang’ Gender Based Violence and Women’s Involvement in Tourism-Related Prostitution in Pattaya, Thailand
Mahe, Ana HeleneEndogenous Development and its role in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study of CIPE’s Greenhouse Project in the Bolivian Andes
Makau, John MbindaThe Impact of Decentralization on Development in Kenya: Focus on the CDF in Kangundo Constituency
Mhariwa, Darlington ChangaraThe Effectiveness of Community Volunteers in Providing Community Home based Care: Challenges and Initiatives for Zimbabwe
O'Riordan, AngusChallenges of Integration for Separated Children in Dublin: A Focus on Language and Literacy Skills and Supports
Sharkey, EamonFurther Education and Integration – Exploring the Links
Spring, LauraThe Self-Help Model of Service Provision as a Response to the Psychosocial Needs of People Living with HIV: A Case Study of Open Heart House in Dublin, Ireland
Stavaland, Ole MortenCharacteristics of the Evangelical Faith-based Organisational Environment and its Role in Shaping Development Views and Practices: A Study of Norwegian Lutheran Mission
Teklehmanot, ElsaLabour Rights and Conditions of Work for Domestic Workers: Focus on the Experiences of Adult Female Live-in Paid Domestic Workers in Addis Ababa
Thompson, AlfredStoried Lives, Developing Lives: Encounters with Life Stories and Development Experiences in Madziabanago, Malawi
Wodaj, Mekoya ShenkutThe Role of Iddirs in Development Practices: The Case of PC3 Project Focused on OVC at Finote Ameha Iddirs’ Volunteer Service


Abu, BetsyThe Effects of Trauma Healing and Skills Training in the Reintegration Process: A Case Study of War Amputees in Grafton Camp-Sierra Leone
Aung, Gum ShaThe Farmer Field School Approach and the Empowerment of Women Farmers: A Case Study of Nawnghkyin and Lambrawyang Villages in Myanmar
Bamutaraki, JackieThe Mismatch between Development Culture and Local Culture in Mobilizing for Community Development: A Case Study of Nyango and Karambi Villages in Kabarole District, Western Uganda
Breen, HelenThe Role of Institutional Networks in Capacity Building Policy: A Study of the Programme for Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education Research Institutes 2007 - 2011
Desta, Tadesse GebreThe Contribution of Domestic Pilgrimages to Tourism Development: A Case Study of the Monastery of Tsadkane Maryam at Sela Dingay in North Shoa, Ethiopia
Duignan, NiallOpportunities and Challenges for Foreign Direct Investment in a Millennium Cities Initiative Context - Blantyre, Malawi
Evans, TimLife Choices for Displaced People: A Focus on Young Men Living in Shu'Fat Refugee Camp, Jerusalem
Guguen, JPPoverty, Housing and Energy – A Case of Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Measures at Household Level in Ireland – A Policy-maker’s Perspective
Guiney, AnnaEmpowering Women Through Non-Traditional Economic Activities – A Case Study of Female Trekking Guides in Nepal
Ha Viet, QuanImplementing Administrative Decentralization for Poverty Reduction – Challenges for Local Officers at Commune Level in Ethnic Minority Areas of Vietnam
Haile, BerhanuThe Impact of Groundwater Irrigation on Household Food Security: A Case Study of two Community Managed Groundwater Irrigation Projects in Amhara Region, Kobo District, Ethiopia
Heffron, MaireadThe Role of ICTs as Tools for Activists: A Study of Activists within the Burmese Pro-Democracy Movement
Sayed Ihsanullah DileriAlternative Agricultural Livelihoods: From Opium Poppy Growth and Production to Saffron as an Alternative Agricultural Livelihood – A Case Study of Saffron Farmers in Ghoryan and Pashtoon Zarghoon Districts, Herat Province, Afghanistan
Laiser, Nyangusi ndukaiChallenges facing Maasai women in accessing reproductive health services: a case study of Kilindi district, Tanzania.
Lennon, ColmThe Role of Disability in Development Cooperation: A case study of Irish Aid
Mambouana Mfoutou, MaximeRural Household Livelihoods: Vulnerability Context and Coping Strategies – A Case Study of the Failure of cotton Production at Zaffe Village in Benin Republic
Maranga, EmilyRole of Non Governmental Organisations in Women's Political Empowerment in Kenya: A Case Study of two NGOs in Nairobi
McParland, KevinThe Influence of Non-Formal Learning Approaches on the Empowerment of Young People: Case Study of Youth Participation in SCI Sri Lanka's community Based Peace Education Programme.
Mortell, Martin GarciaBiofuels and Socio-Economic Development in Brazil: A New Era of Neo-Colonialism? A Case Study of the Municipality of Andradina, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Mudondo, ConstanceThe Impact of Land Degradation on the economic Activities of Rural Households; A case study of Kachuru in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda
Mudehwe, JonahThe role of civil society in a democratic transitionin Zimbabwe: An assessment of selected civil society organisations working towards constitutional reform during the period 2000-2008
Mukabera, JosephineCultural Perceptions on Women Participating in Politics: A Case Study of Tumba Ward, in Rwanda
Mullan, RuthEducation Provision under Occupation: An Examination of Challenges Facing Teachers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem
Mutesi, RosetteThe Effects of Changing Livelihood Strategies on Gender Roles among Pastoralists: A Study of Pastoralists in Ngoma Sub-County, Ntungamo District, Uganda
Nixon, DavidVocational Training and its Relevance to Employment Opportunities in Zambia
Nyakato, RhodaCapacity building and challanges for development practitioners. A focus on child protection in Gulu district, Northern Uganda
O'Halloran, DeirdreAn Exploration of the Child’s Human Right to Play: A Case Study of ‘Barefeet’, Lusaka, Zambia
Roantree, MarilynChild Sexual Abuse and Development Organisations: Challenges and Influences in Developing Personnel Policies and Codes of Conduct
Smith, AoifeAn Exploration into the Effectiveness of Immersion Programmes as an Approach to Development Education: The Case of the Edmund Rice Developing World Immersion Programme
Tesfay, Tesfu KahsayThe Effect of Land Tenure Systems on Soil Conservation Practice in Northern Ethiopia: A Case Study of Habru District In Amhara National Regional State. Ethiopia
Turner, NatalieThe Impact of Short-Term Volunteers on Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Blue Ventures in Andavadoaka, SW Madagascar
Twesigye, PhillipNGO Accountability in the Southern Context: Experiences of XYZ Uganda and its partners in Uganda
Toomey, ReginaUrban Development: Grassroots Advocacy Organisations and Basic Services in Peru – A Focus on ‘Junta Directives’ in Settlements of J.C.Mariategui, Lima


Abozaglo Jara, PatriciaThe Role of NGOs in Peacebuilding in Colombia
Bhatti Feroze, RubinaEffects of Blasphemy Laws on Religious Minorities in relation to Social Capital: A Case Study of Sheikhupura District, Pakistan
Cumming, MarkCorporate Social Responsibility: Irish Social Partners' Attitudes to the Global Regulation of Multinational Companies
Debella, Getu WoyessaLivelihood Diversity and Policy Impacts: A Case Study of Households in Meket Woreda, Ethiopia
Desta, Tesfay KidaneExploring Internalized Oppression and its Effects on Development: A Case Study in the Village of Gola-Tigray, Ethiopia
Dunne, JaneEducation and the Empowerment of Women in Ndola, Zambia: Does Secondary School Education Really Make a Difference?
Gebre, Tewelde HaileselassieThe Contribution of Social Capital for Sustainable Management of Irrigation Systems: A Case Study of Saessie Tsaeda-Emba Wereda in Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia
Hill, LucyStigma and Discrimination as Experienced by People Living with HIV in Ireland
Kaheta, MariaThe Impact of Primary School Education on Maasai Girls in Northern Tanzania: A Case Study of Enguiki Village in Monduli District
Kinabo, Oliva DamasWomen's Political Participation through Affirmative Action in the Local Government Councils in Tanzania: Does it bring change? A Case Study of Women Councillors in Mkuranga District
Maru, Senait MengeshaThe Impact of HIV/AIDS on household economy: the case of households in Yeka sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Sadik, Sofia AhmedCivil Society's Participation in the Ethiopian PRSP Process
Tafete, BirhanuThe Role of International Non-Governmental Organisations in Building the Capacity of Local Non-Governmental Organisations: A Case Study of Concern Ethiopia
Teffera, Yidnekachew TilahunThe Effects of Manufacturing Industries on the Health of Vulnerable Urban Communities: A Case Study of Akaki-Kality Sub-City of Addis Ababa
Walsh, MichéalOntological Security and its Sociocultural Foundations: A Study of Workers in an Irish Corporate Environment
Woldemichael, Mekonnen AbrehaThe Effects of Household Irrigations Schemes in Reducing Absolute Poverty in Rural Ethiopia: A Case Study of One Watershed in Ahferom Woreda
Woldetinsaye, Selamawit DestaAgricultural Biotechnology in Alleviating Food Insecurity in Ethiopia


Ashagrie, ErmiasFamily Planning and the Empowerment of Rural Women: A Case study of Ambasel district, Ethiopia
Alexander, OtgontsetsegqThe Effects of Attitudes on the Practice of Participation: Community Development in Ireland
Belachew, Shiferaw KibretThe Challenge of Multi-Sectoral Responses to HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Achefer Wereda
Brennan, NiamhThe Influence of Faith-based Organisations and how the community perceive their Impact: A Comparative Case study of Gawad Kalinga and GITIB, Philippines
Chisanga, KafulaInstitutional Arrangements and Service Delivery to Communities in Zambia: A Case Study of the Rural Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene Education (WASHE) Programme in Mpulungu District, Zambia
Ducept, ClaireBrasilian Women in Ireland: Aspirations and Reality - The Application of a Human Needs Framework
Mulugeta, Metasebia SolomonDeterminants of Livelihood Strategies of Urban Women: The Case of Female Household Heads in Wolenchiti Town, Ethiopia
Lahpai, Ja NuFrom Opium Cultivation to Alternative Agriculture Livelihoods: Perceptions of farmers who have participated in the Farmer Field School Programmes in Pa-O Region, Shan State in Myanmar
O'Malley, EmmetThe Significance of Livelihood Security in NGDO Programmes for Young People Involved in Prostitution in Jakarta
O'Sullivan, MáireIn the Name of Development: Short Term Volunteering - A Critical Analysis: A Case Study of SUAS, Ireland
Mohammed, KemalInitiating Community Based Organisations to Ensure the Sustainability of Development Projects: A Case Study of Dalocha Women's Water Development Association (DWWDA) in Dalocha District, Ethiopia
Tadesse, AsratResettlement and Sustainable Food Security in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Boreda Resettlement Scheme in Southern Region, Ethiopia
Trana, Zoila Maria RomeroSexual Relationships and their Impact on the Living Conditions of poor urban Women in Nicaragua: A focus on Male Infidelity
Watagulu, MaryAssessing the Relevance of Educational Methodologies for Youth in Tanzania: A Case Study of Two COBET Centres in Kisarawe District


Asfaw, KetemaExtended Family Care for Children Orphaned by AIDS: A case study of Ambo Town, Kebele 01, Ethiopia.
Bastin, EvelyneThe Impact of INGO Strategies on Artisans' Livelihoods: A Case Study of Oxfam's impact on Potters in Ethiopia.
Barron, MaryCounselling as an HIV/AIDS Intervention Strategy: A Case Study of Bugisi in Shinyanga, Tanzania
Bresnihan, SiveCivil Society in Rwanda, in Context
Daynes, RosemaryPlace - The Final Frontier? The Importance and Impact of Social Location for Practising as an Ally in Community Development
Kiama, PeterThe Role of Civil Society in the Realisation of Human Rights: A Case Study of the Kenya Human Rights Network (K-HURINET)
Kieffer, AntoninYouth Participation and Development: The Contribution of International Youth Conferences to the Empowerment of Young People - A Case Study of the World Youth Congress, Scotland
Lemma, FerewCommercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Case Study of Child Prostitution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Manyonga, GraceWomen's Political Participation: The Role of Women Parliamentarians in Zambia
Mekonnen, ZenebeRoles of NGOs in Community Empowerment for Natural Resource Conservation: Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities: A Case Study of two NGOs in Bugna District, Wollo Zone, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia
Taratsinze, JuvenalResource Mobilisation for African Immigrant-Led Community and Voluntary Organisations in Ireland: A Case Study of the Africa Solidarity Centre
Umoren, AnselmThe Role of NGOs in Community Advocacy for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Niger Delta, Nigeria: A Case Study of the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility
Wrenn, EoinThe Impact of Microfinance on livelihood Security: The Perceptions of a Donor, Three Implementing Agencies and Project Beneficiaries


Agvaantseren, Bayarjargal Women's Development through Nature Conservation: Can Protected Areas improve women's livelihood? Case Study in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Western Mongolia
Brady, FranFrom Food Miles to Foodshed: An Exploratory Study of Sustainable Local Food Systems in an Urban Context
Ejorh, TheophilusIntegrating New Communities in Ireland: The Role of NGOs and Development Projects in Dublin's North East Inner City
Gouen, GermainThe Place of Herbal Medical Practice in Primary Health Care Provision: A Case Study of Pax Herbal Centre in Ewu, Nigeria
Mulvey, MargoWhy Do Women Live on City Streets? A Case Study of Cape Town City
Muteteli, Penelope, LSchool Feeding programs and Household Food Security in rural Mozambique
Nur, AbdiRashid Haji Stakeholder Accountability in an NGO context: Problems and Prospects. The case of local NGOs in Lower Shabelle Region, Somalia.
O'Brien, Miriam ThereseWhat Contributes to the Survival of Local Non-Governmental Organisations in Times of War? Learning from the Story of Development Education Network-Liberia (DEN-L)
O'Malley, AidanHomelessness and Social Housing In Dublin Ireland
O'Sullivan, MaryThe Cultural Competence of Nurses in the Provision of Holistic Health Care in an Acute Health Care Setting: A Study of Nurses' Attitudes in a Dublin Hospital
Quirke, DannyThe Professionalisation of the Irish Voluntary sector: a case study of the Dublin Simon Community from 1990 to 2004
White, RonanEmpowerment through Nonviolent Direct Action? A Study of Participation in Nonviolent Direct Action at Shannon Airport


Bagenda Nangonzi, JustineThe Challenges of Decentralisation for Development in Uganda: A Case Study of Kibaale District.
Bekele, HaimanotThe Challenges of Gender Mainstreaming: A Case Study of Concern Ethiopia
Bweya, SusanExperiences of Migrant Nurses and how they adjusted to working and living in Ireland
Dolan, MartinMen and Masculinities' are Inadequately Present in the Discussion of Gender in Development Education, at Post Primary Level in Ireland
Elibariki, Msami ElinsariRural Livelihoods Crisis: Coping Strategies and Institutional Responses. A Case Study of Striga Weed Invasionin Farming Systems in Mbambakofi Village, Tanga, Tanzania.
Encinas Arana, SaraYoung People in Peru: Lima and Ayacucho - Future Expectations and Poverty
Hashi, Halima YussufWhose Sustainability Counts? Those of Microfinance Institutions (MFI's) or their Clients? A Case Study of Pride Tanzania.
Leahy, EmerInternational NGDOs and Local Governance: A Case Study of Concern Worldwide's Capacity Building for Rural Development Programme in Cambodia.
Lebbie, Hindowa SamDomestic Violence against Children: A Case Study of Susan's Bay and Mabella Communities in Freetown, Sierra Leone
McShane, PerpetuaAn Analysis of the Role of the Irish State in Providing Supported Housing to Homeless People with Mental Health Problems in Dublin, Ireland
Mondinda, MichelCoping with the Education Crisis in Urban Slums: A Case Study of Informal Schools in Soweto/Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya
Ndagire, AbisagiImpact of Microfinance Programs on Women Microentrepreneurs Living with HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of AIDS Women and Orphans Family Support (AWOFS), Kampala, Uganda
Nzue, KarenParticipation of Women in Seedbulking: A Case Study of Mwingi District
`Nwanalobi Oleru, MalachyPower and Women's Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs): A Case Study of the Catholic Women Organisation (CWO), Nigeria


Baily, FionaIdentity as a resource: ethnic tourism in Highland Ecuador
Corcoran-Tindill, MarieEncouraging congruent practice in Irish development organisations: turning the gaze back on ourselves & asking: what's really going on?
Crampton, WendyWomen, patriarchy and human rights: life histories of struggle
Galvin, LouiseAid for coexistence in Bosnia: economic projects, particiaption & expectations
Kairaba, AnnieThe relationship between the state and the civil society in a post-conflict situation: a case for Rwanda
Kennan, AustinThe Eu-Mauritania Fisheries Access Agreement 2001 to 2006 Protocol 'A Tale of Two Countries': A Look at Ireland's Involvement
Khan, NancyReintegration and rehabilitation of war affected children in the community: a case study of child soldiers in Sierra Leone
Matoro, JacquelineYouth and HIV/AIDS: knowledge, sexual practices and health-seeking behavior
McAree, ClaireDeveloping an international perspective on domestic violence: a case study of Nigerian women in Dublin
Mendy, PierreThe role and impact of microfinance on poverty reduction: the case of credit unions in The Gambia
Ondekova, MarcelaAn Assessment of the Current Attitudes of the non-Romani Population towards the Roma in the Rural Areas of the Presov Region
Sampa, Kalungu JosephZambian government/civil society(CS): the realism of their engagement in poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) consultative process
Scott, SusanGoing back to education: decision-making models for women in Clondalkin


Abom, WilliamSocial capital, social organising, non-governmental organisations and development: a Guatemalan case study
Ako, Lohi MiontiniVocational education and training: attitudes and participation. A case study of Nangwa in Arusha Tanzania
Beattie, RosalindEducation for equality? An alysis of the impact of the discourse of development education on Irish secondary school pupils
Getachew, ZekariasAssessing the relationship between development agencies interventions and target groups perception and priorities. A case study in Bugna sub-district, Amhara national regional state, Ethiopia
Holland, DeniseReligious organizations and indigenous social institutions in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Burundi
Kalungu-Banda, AgnesBeneficiaries' participation in the project cycle is key to sustainable development: a Kosovo women's initiative case study
Kyomugisha, JenniferImpact of integrated water and sanitation programmes on the health of the people with special emphasis to Bumboyi parish Mbale district
Magala, Joyce MpalanyiPartnership development with non-government organisations (NGOs): a case study of Wateraid, an international NGO working in partnership with local NGOs in Uganda
Mokku, Jarso GuyoExtent of influence civil society participation has on the government development planning system: case study of pastoralist inclusion in the formulation of the PRSP in Kenya
Osborne, ThereseSmall talk: the relevance of linguistic diminutives to development work in eastern El Salvador


Corish, MonicaUncomfortable victims? Men and the response to the psychosocial needs of war affected populations
Lovely, Rehana AkterThe social impact of micro-finance on poor women: a Bangladesh case study
Murray, DonalCommunity sector participation in area based development programmes
Nalwoga, AnnetteThe contribution of micro-finance institutions towards women's empowerment in Uganda: a case study of the rural credit finance scheme (RUCREF) a semi-autonomous program within volunteer efforts for development concerns (VEDCO)
O'Loughlin, BarryBuilding sustainable capacity in non-profit service providers to expand service provision whilst maintaining quality in service delivery: issues and possibilities
Scully, Maura"Street girls" of Maputo
Varian, GailAttitudes towards people with disabilities, and the question of mainstreaming
Yambasu, SahrDeveloping development workers: a case study of Irish development workers


Abellan, Blanca BlancoDevelopment education and anti-racist education: a case study analysis
Dangiso, MatewosCredit and saving schemes as a vehicle for women's empowerment: a case-study from Sidama, Ethiopia
Darcy, MajellaIdentification and representation of needs: a case study of Nigerian asylum seekers in Ireland
Franch, SaraThe implications of bio-patenting for developing countries: Ireland's role in the review of art. 27.3b of the TRIPs agreement
Kirwan, FrankFourfold oppression: Ogoni women and the continuing struggle for development
Kitanda, Ronald MulyantiCapacity building through training: the case of NGOs working with rural communities in Uganda
O'Connor, MarionThe positive potential and specificity of conflict and conflict/management in groups: a case study
O'Mahony, MaryBeyond tradition: higher education reform in Cambodia
Pyke, AntonellaForeign, Female and Undocumented: the Voices of Illegal Immigrant Women in the United States
Shallamo, MindayeKebele development committees as a means towards community empowerment in Sidama, Ethiopia
Engel, PhilippeAppropriation: with the Carl Rogers approach, a new way of addressing the development process
Farrell, JillSmall business membership organisations as agents of social and enterprise development: proposals for NGO funding policy
Hannon, ClionaNGO/State relations and the role of popular education NGOs in El Salvador
Mukankusi, CaritasSustainable agricultural development in Rwanda: challenges of participatory research and action
Twebaze, Marion KyomuhendoCommunicating development: the impact of health promotion on social change


Casey, MarianHealth care provision in a conflict area: policy and practice in South Sudan
Higgins, ChristineRwanda: a Case Study in Conflict Resolution

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