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The Role of Capacity Building Training in Community Development Work in Myanmar

Capacity building, through training in development interventions, has been utilized in Myanmar by many International Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations and the United Nations Agencies. Those organizations aim to empower and develop human resources for effective development activities and organizational development. Although it has been practiced, there has not been any research on the role of capacity building training in community development work in Myanmar.

This study tries to explore how capacity building training contributes to the formation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of development workers so that community development efforts have an impact on the people of Myanmar. The dissertation describes the different understandings of capacity building, the role of development workers in community development work and the perceptions of the role of capacity building training in development work in Myanmar.

The research carried out was based on qualitative methodologies and the data collection methods used were semi-structured interviews among training coordinators and participants and a documentary review of the researched organizations.

The study findings express that the development workers who are training recipients have gained knowledge, attitudes, technical skills and social skills from the training courses they have attended. The findings show that development workers benefited from the training in terms of working with communities, facilitating them and making good use of the things they acquired. Although there were still failures in community development work the capacity building training should still be organized.


Salai Kyaw Zin Oo 2009


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