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Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development Practice

child protectionOur Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development Practice course is a very welcome initiative in making child safeguarding and protection a priority for all development projects/practitioners – particularly those whose work brings them into contact with children and young people. The course also outlines best practice with regard to recruiting and standards of behaviour of expatriate staff.

Child Safeguarding and Protection is a growing concern for development workers and we are confident this course will build skills and competencies in this critical area.

This Course

  • Explores the importance of childhood in different cultural contexts.
  • Defines essential child safeguarding and protection standards for all organisations.
  • Introduces children’s rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

About the Course

This course on understanding and implementing Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development Practice focuses specifically on:

  • The importance of child safeguarding and protection as a central part of all development work
  • International, national and mission organisations that are working in development practice – particularly those responsible for projects with and for children
  • Non-emergency development settings
  • International organisations that recruit and deploy expatriate staff

How it works

online trainingAll course participants begin the course together in the same date regardless of location in the world. A comprehensive Study Guide outlines all the course requirements including the course timetable for the 8 weeks, estimated hours of study per week, assignments, and participation on the course discussion forum.

Each participant is allocated a tutor who is available to give guidance and support throughout the course. This learning model allows participants to work through the course materials at a time and place that suits their individual needs and work pressures. Participants are encouraged to discuss relevant topics with their class-mates in different countries, contribute their development work experiences and share practical concerns and issues. The website also provides a private forum which allows participants upload and receive feedback on their assignments with the tutor. 

This innovative distance learning delivery contributes to local capacity building, facilitating the education and training of individual practitioners and groups working for change all over the world.

To Apply

The dates for the next Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development course will be confirmed shortly.

Contact: Kathleen O’Connor (01) 4064424 for further information.



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