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Distance Learning MA in International Development

Why Kimmage DSC?

Is an online MA programme right for you? Ngosa Musonda Zulu, one of our MA learners, studying in Lusaka, Zambia, talks about why she chose Kimmage Development Studies Centre.

Study Options

  • By Flexible & Distance Learning This option offers learners the opportunity to combine work and study anywhere in the world, while still connecting online with a diverse and vibrant learning community. Learners can undertake the MA completely online or they can combine the best of distance and e-learning with classroom participation – it is tailored to the needs of learners who like to study in their own time and at their own pace, but still want to have the option of drawing on the benefits of face to face, participatory and experience-based interaction with other participants and tutors.
  • Flexible Distance LearningFull Time Based at Kimmage International Development Centre, Dublin, the Master’s in International Development offers learners an opportunity to explore contemporary theories of social change and development and to analyse development policies and practices. It builds skills, especially in relation to research, leadership and working with groups and in the planning, management and evaluation of development projects.
  • Part Time For some part-time study is a very attractive option. You end up with the same qualification as a full-time student while balancing your studies with other commitments such as work and family. Some employers may contribute to your tuition fee, and it allows you to take more time to read, study and reflect on your learning. You can choose which modules to take over each of the 2 years and then research your thesis to continue towards the award of MA.

Participants successfully completing the programme will be awarded an internationally recognised MA in International Development, accredited by Maynooth University.

For further information …

For any general queries about BA and MA in International Development or CDS activities, including KODE, please see the Maynooth University’s Department of International Development webpage at www.maynoothuniversity.ie/international-development or contact the Department of International Development by email at internationaldevelopment@mu.ie

About Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Kimmage DSC has provided courses in International Development since 1974. We are a dedicated development studies centre with a strong reputation in Ireland and abroad. Our Flexible and Distance Learning (FDL) MA Programme lets you study at your own pace from almost anywhere in the world.


Kimmage Manor

At Kimmage we bring together a community of practitioners and learners who want to link development theory with practice, to question and seek alternatives to current development practices, to learn how to turn development aspirations into realities, and who wish to reflect on their own development work.

Our reputation is established by our many graduates who work as activists such as Silas Siakor, conservationists like Bayarjargal Agvaantseren, Maria Keating, UNDP Country Director for Kenya and Maanda Ngoitiko, founder of the Pastoral Women’s Council of Tanzania.

Some of our graduates go on to apply their learning from Kimmage to areas that may seem less obvious but that are equally important to international development such as documentary making and business.

Many work in senior management positions in NGOs, Faith-Based Organisations and in local governments in countries including Ireland, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malawi, Timor-Leste, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia; as UN staff and volunteers in Sierra Leone, Nepal, Afghanistan and Mozambique, community development facilitators in Peru, Liberia, Myanmar and Ireland, as well as human rights and peace activists in Pakistan, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.


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