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Quality Assurance

Kimmage DSC Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures

We have committed ourselves to embracing an inclusive quality assurance culture. The quality assurance framework and policy documentation outlined in our Quality Assurance Handbook (PDF format) clearly articulates the principles and procedures followed by Kimmage DSC in our quest to achieve and sustain the highest standards in education and training.

Our quality assurance framework has been developed over many years, first with HETAC, then with its successor from 2012, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). In July 2016 we entered a new stage, where our MA programme will be accredited by Maynooth University rather than QQI from the 2016/17 academic year onwards.

We are required under the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 1999 to ensure that quality assurance policy and procedures are in place and to agree these procedures with HETAC. In designing quality assurance policies and procedures, we have drawn from HETAC’s publication, Guidelines and Criteria for Quality Assurance Procedures in Higher Education and Training (2002, PDF format). Since November 2012, HETAC has been merged into the new statutory agency QQI which is now responsible for all of the QA and accreditation duties formerly exercised by HETAC.

In doing so, we believe that the approach to quality assurance should be simple, flexible and relatively easy to implement. We see educators as change agents who must take ownership of the quality assurance process and its procedures, and make it an intrinsic part of their work.

Kimmage DSC Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures for collaborative programmes, transnational programmes and joint awards.

In 2012 we agreed with HETAC the relevant organisational policy and procedures to be followed in initiating, developing, providing and reviewing educational programmes provided by us in collaboration with other institutions based either in Ireland or transnationally.

The procedures set out new collaborative policy and procedures intended to safeguard quality assurance of all educational programmes provided by us, and to safeguard student and institutional interests, in compliance with HETAC’s Policy for collaborative programmes, transnational programmes and joint awards (December 2008, PDF format).

Details of these policies and procedures can be found by clicking here.

Flexible and Distance Learning Programmes

With the introduction of a new flexible and distance learning mode of delivery for the MA in Development Studies, we have developed a set of ‘Supplementary Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures for the delivery of programmes by Flexible and Distance Learning’.These are designed to ensure that the same rigorous approach to maintaining QA and standards in delivering conventional ‘face to face’ programmes are applied in the case of programmes, modules and course materials delivered by flexible and distance learning, including the employment of e-learning methodologies”

Details of these policies and procedures can be found by clicking here.



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